Tim Cronin is one of the most genuinely funny people I’ve ever met. I regret the fact that I’ve never spent more than a few fleeting moments with him before now. And I regret even more that we probably won’t sit down and talk again for another ten years or so.
Though I’ve known Tim Cronin for over decade, our friendship mostly consisted of random visits to Jack’s Music in Red Bank, NJ where Tim doles out great swaths of musical knowledge to eager ears. I’d heard drips and drabs of his story as lead singer for Monster Magnet from mutual friends, but never had the opportunity to sit down with him and hear the whole tale. I’m glad we finally rectified that.
Tim is self effacing. That’s perhaps an understatement. He expertly effaces himself with deft efficacy. It starts the moment you first see him and ends as he’s walking out of sight. And you’re certain that, long after you’ve parted, he’s still out there effacing himself somewhere.
People like Tim hold a special place in my heart. My brother was a sound and lighting guy for hundreds of bands and I know how grueling and unglamorous life on the road can be for the guys behind the scenes. Tim manages it with comic brilliance and I hope one day he writes a book about his experiences. And if he doesn’t, I’m going to base a screenplay on his story and hope he doesn’t sue me. I’ll change his name to Ted Cronin in the script. He’ll be none the wiser.

Tim’s very interesting blog is

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