The Sound and The Honoshowsky

My favorite recording sessions are the ones where nobody in the room knows what’s going to happen. Steve Honoshowsky called me up recently with just such an opportunity. No guidelines. No vague adjectives to describe what he was looking for. Just plug in and play.
It was also the perfect opportunity to get Steve on camera for The Sideman Show. Win-win.
Halfway through the evening, I’d made a discovery. Any time I have to play a session AND work the camera, the filming generally suffers from inattention to things like focus, sound and generally being aimed in the direction of the subject.
It wasn’t one of my more visually stunning segments, but the music was an absolute joy to be a part of. John Noll, owner of Retromedia Studios and engineer for the session, got us up and rolling in seconds and before I knew it, Steve and I had recorded an album’s worth of material.
For all of his amazing technical ability on the drums, Steve is modest and soft spoken. Rather than forcing a bunch of answers, his interview consists of a few minutes of him playing drums. That speaks volumes and it’s a hell of a lot more interesting than me asking him what kind of drumsticks he uses.

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